Silicone Lids – Multi-Purpose Kitchen Gadgets – Reusable Food Storage Container Lids – Food Cover

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Get ready to simplify your life! ♦ No more digging through a sea of random kitchen gadgets trying to find the exact lid you need!! ♦ No more fighting plastic wrap as it twists and sticks together!! ♦ Save time and your sanity with this 6 piece set of Silicone Stretch Lids!!♦ Make Food Storage

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Get ready to simplify your life!

♦ No more digging through a sea of random kitchen gadgets trying to find the exact lid you need!!
♦ No more fighting plastic wrap as it twists and sticks together!!
♦ Save time and your sanity with this 6 piece set of Silicone Stretch Lids!!
♦ Make Food Storage Easy and Simple!!

Super Stretchy and Easily Adaptable

Packed with elasticity, these Silicone Lids can expand to fit many shapes and sizes of containers, and then contract to create a strong hold. Place on square or rectangle dishes just as easily as round or oval ones. With several sizes in each set, you are sure to have one for anything you need to cover. Super Kitchen Accessories!

Where To Use Them??

♦ Leftover Food. Store food right in the pan, pot or dish you cooked it in. No need for extra things to wash, just cover and keep for later.

♦ Unfinished Beverages. Whether in a cup, mug or can, you can easily save any drink for later, and because it will stay air tight, it will be more fresh when you go to finish it.

♦ Fresh Fruit. Cantaloupe and watermelon can be difficult to save. With these, it is easy. Simply stretch over the unused half, and the inside will stay fresh.

♦ Dishes On The Go. When bringing a dish to pass, or carrying something fresh to a party, cover and protect inside any container.

♦ Food In the Fridge. Because they create stack-able containers they are ideal for saving space in your refrigerator.

♦ Pet Food Can Cover

Product Features

  • ♦ THE SOLUTION FOR MISSING OR WORN OUT LIDS – No More digging through a sea of Random Kitchen Gadgets trying to find the Exact Lid You Need – No More Fighting Plastic Wrap as it twists and sticks together – Get Ready TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE with Six Piece Set of Lids – Stretches to Fit nearly Any Size!!
  • ♦ KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH LONGER – Better Food Preservation than Plastic Wrap – Super Smart Food Cover! – Multi-Purpose Kitchen Gadgets – Perfect as No-Slip Grip JAR OPENER
  • ♦ SAVE MONEY on Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil – Save the Environment – Send Less Plastic to Landfill – Unlike throw-away plastic wrap and aluminum foil, the Lids can be used Again and Again. Airtight Seal & Leak Proof – Useful Accessories for Your Kitchen
  • ♦ SUPERIOR QUALITY – 100 % FOOD GRADE SILICONE – Better Flexibility & Greater Stretch than Similar products – FDA Approved – Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe
  • ***LIFETIME GUARANTEE*** – We’re so confident you’ll love these Silicone Stretch Lids that we will give you a no-hassle, free replacement guarantee. That’s right, you get your MONEY BACK if you are not satisfied, no questions asked!! – So, what are you waiting for? Order now and SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE!


fireslily says:

I use these all the time now 0

Janet Blair says:

Silicone stretch lids set of 6 sizes Silicone stretch lids set of 6 sizesThese stretch lids form an impressive seal. I am happy to find a new product that helps me cut down waste, and they work better than cling wrap or foil. I have also previously purchased the “shower cap” type of stretch to fit food covers, which have their place but these silicone lids are much nicer when you really want to form a seal.I chose the green lids, the hint of color is fresh and cute, and you get a good assortment of sizes, and they nest together and you can even fold them together to squeeze them into a spot in your drawer. One of the med large ones fits nicely on half a personal size watermelon and keeps it fresh. The largest one fits on my stainless bowl that I use for rising bread dough, and unlike plastic snap lids, the gas formed from the rising of the dough did not displace the lid, the seal remained intact and as a result after the usual 45 – 50 minutes I had a perfectly round large moist ball of…

Willmina Teller says:

Hey where have these been all my life? Lolz terrific for keeping thing s fresh and keeping covered easily Hey where have these been all my life? LolzI love them they are super practical. I do wish they were a little more stretchy so I could have few sizes but hey im happy to have them they make putting leftovers away a breeze! I found them recently there was a promotional thing and I was offered opportunity to take a look and try this out for myself if I wouldn’t mind providing some feedback and give my opinion here in my review, I do that anyways 🙂 so it was easy choice. LOLCame super fast with Amazon prime shipping, and was really well packaged so no problems there.As always I will update later after we’ve been using it for longer period of time. I’ll also update if it stops working or if I find a better way to use it. So if you would like to know any of that or If my review helped you in any way you can click the like button! You certainly don’t have to, I don’t really get anything from it but the good feeling that I helped someone. I guess you get…

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